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Kerr left Arizona with the best three point percentage in

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Opponents had put up an efficiency rating of 172.32, last in the conference and 128th of 130 in the nation. UNLV passed for 281 yards, a season high, in the victory over the Rainbow Warriors. And the Rebels are not exactly a strong passing team. On Nov. 19, 1921, a daughter of the late Andrew and Dora Stepp Campbell. Mrs.

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Warren “Mac” McClure former owner of the Burlington Free Press. McClure looks forward to the visits and feels fortunate to share her treasured memories. Grosselfinger writes of McClure’s travels around the world. 27. On Feb. 1, he was arrested and subsequently charged with five felony counts of second degree assault.

Puterbaugh, Joseph Rey, Alexander Rodriguez, Manuel Valle, Paul R. Berry, Tyler Bradford, Caitlin M. Burns, Ajalaya J. Tomorrow it going to be colder. Byyyeeee!”On day five of the vacation, a teacher posted a note meant to reassure parents back at home. “For now we do not see much homesickness,” the teacher wrote.

Clippers: Rivers was a teammate of Bo Kimble with the Clippers and New York Knicks. And on the 25th anniversary of the day Kimble Loyola Marymount teammate and close friend, Hank Gathers, died of a heart attack during a West Coast Conference Tournament game, Rivers said: remember it quite vividly. That was a horrible day.

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